App Release Notes

Has anyone ever created anything to keep track of the various different versions of your code in each environment? We have test, acceptance, and production, but don’t necessarily have anything to say “well feature A is pushed through to production, but features B and C are in version 2 which is only in acceptance, and features D and E are in version 3 in test”. I know there’s the team server tab showing the commits, but has anyone ever written a nice layer where ‘customer friendly’ release notes can be added?
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We have a ReleaseNotification entity that can be configured by admins front-end. The entity has an association with accounts, so we can keep track of who has already seen a notification and who hasn't:

When there's a new update, our functional admins make a release notification, which is then shown to users upon logging in. After they dismiss the notification, it is never shown to them again (until there is a new update). The notification contains a link to a page with our release notes, so users can read them if they want to.

Theoretically you could even use an after startup microflow to add a new entry to your release notes page, so they're always up to date with whatever version you pushed to an environment.