Microflow timer refresh affects multiple dataviews?

Hi all,  My page setup has the account retrieved in the page template and refreshes regularly to update the number of notifications the user has.  The account is also retrieved as the page parameter and has three listviews. We have a problem where the list views keep resetting and scrolling back to the top and making the user click “Load more” again.  I believe the listview is resetting due to the microflow refresh that occurs every 10 seconds on the page template.  If this is the case, is it possible to refresh only one of the account data views?   Thanks
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A refresh in client on one change/commit object will refresh all objects of the same entity in the client. Or in your case multiple references to the same object. 

I think you need to refactor your domain to use a Notification entity in the pagetemplate, which is associated with Account and refresh only that object.