JavaScript code to access Mendix objects

Hello All Need a help. I am new to Mendix and I am trying to write a JavaScript code to access Mendix objects (version 8.15.1) Should I achieve this using JavaScript action and nanoflow?, Or Should I explore the SDK platform? The ultimate aim is to create a webservice on Mendix and put JavaScript logic on it to get the Mendix data in the JSON format. Is this possible? Please let me know the correct approach.   Thanks
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Though it is not the aim of the Mendix platform: Yes, that is possible.

First: in the browser go to the inspector (F12), go to the console and type

There you go, now you got access to a lot of information. More information on their api is is here.

Good to know: for frontend Mendix has used Dojo upto Mendix 7, but now uses React. If you have a choice between the two, better choose React.

For combining your code with the mendix frontend, check out these two Academy trainings: and