Conditional home page based on multiple user roles

Hi everyone, My app involves conditional home pages that depend on multiple user roles. Essentially, there are two dashboards. Depending on the roles, one of the following three pages should open:  Dashboad 1: Account only has a role to access this part of the app. Dashboard 2: Account only has a role to access this part of the app. App Menu: Account has both user roles and should choose to which part of the app to navigate.    Right now the ‘app menu’ is the default home page, on which a dataview with a microflow as a source is called. Here the rights are checked. This leads to either a re-direction to dashboard 1 or 2, or remain on the ‘app menu page’.  However, the following error occurs in the console of the browser:  Ignoring error for page CustomAdministration/ Loading of a page has been superseded by request for CustomAdministration/ When the page re-directs to one of the dashboards automatically, the progress bar won’t terminate, I believe it has something to with the error above.  My question is two-fold:  Rather than first loading a page and then (possibly) re-directing, is there a different way to trigger after login?  Is there a way to terminate the progress bar ?    Note: I could create a third role that combines the access rights of the role for dashboard one a  Thanks!
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  1. Yes, but there is no straightforward way.

option 1: First time the user logs in present her with the choice of which dashboard she want to see. Store her choice in her account-settings, or some userchoice-entity that you create for this purpose.  Second time you want to make her go directly to her favorite. I think you even need to create your own handler for that. Not pretty.

option 2: for both pages give the page-property ‘url’ a value. This allows your user to choose which dashboard she wants to go to. Most easy and practical

  1. No, not without losing your session. Only blunt ways: closing your browser or booting your server.