Create Widget and cloning BoilerPlate seems not working properly

I'm trying to create my first widget as PoC and Training, and I saw two videos : The issue seems the created files have missing variable or something not working properly inside, I get the project with 6 errors, the placement of widget that supposed to be Label with "Widget" instead of "Background Color" and Wrong Widget Container that I need to delete and drag drop the widget again to fix, with 2 required attributes? and the css classes is widgetname anything related like <div class="widgetname-infoTextNode" data-dojo-attach-point="infoTextNode" /> What the fix for this, its sound a bug or outdated BoilerPlate ? or just ignore this issue, I just hope there is no wrong behavior will happen.
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This is expected behavior. Your boilerplate code is creating a brand new widget with a new name, so your test project will have errors the first time you open it. On each page with an error, it is expected that you replace those custom widgets with your own new widget.