Simple graph shows NaN for all bars

I want to display a simple graph showing the number of items of a particular entity with the different status enums I've set up. My dataset is: FROM Project.Deliverable as del GROUP BY del/Status SELECT del/Status as status And the graph is set up to use status as the Data set column. The resulting graph correctly shows bars for each of the status values represented in the data set, but the bars are all the same height - hovering over them shows "Series 1, In progress, NaN" etc. where In progress is one of the enums. Of course "Not a Number" is not a hugely useful value to display, so I tried using a Count(del/ID) as statusCount as well, but to no avail. EDIT: Showing a basic report for the same dataset is returning the values I would expect. Any ideas? Thanks Phil
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Are you sure you have also added the series 'statusCount' to the graph? Is this series visible in the legend in the Modeler?