Pricing several apps

Hello, I tried to contact the support about that questions, they were not able to respond, and tell me to send a message to the sales team, which I did, but I did not received a response from them. Maybe someone will be able to help me here? This is what I need to know :    The pricing for having 4 apps with 1 users for each of them. To be more precise, for the 4 apps there will be 1 admin, and 1 anonymous user. (Does an anonymous user count as a user?) The alternative to the 4 apps with 1 anonymous user and 1 admin will be to have 1 app with 4 production environment (and therefore 1 admin, and 4 anonymous user). Can you tell me the pricing of that? The pricing for another app that will have 5 users (With login).   Thanks
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You are looking for the basic accounts. Check the pricing here:
You could use Free accounts but those have no schedule events and you are limited with your backups.