Comparing 2 dates in the same way are returning different results in a page VS in a microflow! Help?

Hi there I’m stuck on a really frustrating issue. I have a button, that should only show if $Policy/CoverEndDate >= [%BeginOfCurrentDayUTC%]. ‘CoverEndDate ’ is populated, and is non-localised. The user should only ever be able to see this button if CoverEndDate is today, or in the future. This is it written in the page – but if today is 7/7 and the End Date is also 7/7, it is returning ‘false’ and not showing my button when it should be showing as true. I compared it to running a split in a microflow, which compares the exact same 2 values in the exact same way – and that split returns true. So – when compared in a page, that condition is saying false, but when compared in a microflow, the condition is true.  Does anyone know what might be causing this difference, and how I can fix it so the page considers this condition true?
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