How to create Excel Importer templates?

Hello, For my app I need to import excel file. I managed to do it using ExcelImportOverview page, but the issue is that it saves the template only on local device, but I need to have a template that's built in a microflow so that it's always the same for all users. The idea is that user can upload an excel file (that will always follow the same guidelines) and this file uploads using a template from a microflow. How can I do that?
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You could create your templates in your after startup microflow (after checking they don't exist yet). 

So, say you have an ASu_All flow, add a subflow in which you:

  • Do a retrieve from database with the name of your template to see if it already exists
    • If it already exists, exit the subflow
    • If it does not exist yet, create a new Template object with all the details you would normally fill out on the ExcelImportOverview page. Do not forget to commit it somewhere in your after startup


This should ensure that the template always exists in your database, no matter which environment you deploy it to.