Is there any provision to display decimal amount with grouping of digits according to country ?

Hi All, Problem : In our UI we are showing the amount as 123456.789 but we want to show it as 1,23,456.789 according to different country standards. But many other countries use the comma and period as  123.456,789. So how could we achieve this by using Mendix functionalities? Tried Solutions : I have tried using formatDecimal(1234.56 , ‘#,###.#’) → this function return output depending on the language we set. I have also tried Group digit, it sets only to comma format.  Thank you.
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Hi Shivprasad ,

I hope this widget will help you.


Nope. You would expect this to be both a country-setting and a user-account setting. Defaulting to the country-setting if the user has not set its own preferrence. But alas, no. Apparently Mendix choose to stick to 1,234,567.89.

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Btw. I hope to get corrected on this and that somebody comes up with a solution.