How to add mutiple object at one?

Hello everyone! I am a new member. Currently, I am building an application to manage employee work. When creating a new checklist, it selects the Task for the employee from the existing Task data table. I tried using Microflow to add but only one Task at a time. After adding new can add 2nd Task. I have searched the forum for similar questions but have not been able to solve the problem. How to add more data at once? Thanks and best regard, Below is my Domain Model
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Hi Kien,

You need to you “Input Reference Set Selector” as the input widget. It will allow you select multiple data at one time.



You will need to use an iterator after retrieving a list of Tasks. Iterate over tasklist and create Detail_Checklist for each Task and associate it with the Task and Checklist.


Hello Kien,

Uncertain about your question, but I believe you’re asking how to assign multiple tasks at once?

The Cardinality in your Domain Model looks flipped.
You current have 1 Task can have multiple Detail_Checklist.

You want it the other way around. 1 Detail Checklist can have Multiple Tasks. 

I’m uncertain about “Detail_Checklist” but based on your comment you’d probably want something like this (see below image)

1 Employee has 1 checklist, the checklist has multiple task. 
You could add the attributes: Remarks and Status to the Task so they can be marked to done and commented on separately.