ATS - Focus webelement

Hi all, we use single sign on with office 365 I’m trying to set up a test to make sure SSO is working, I need to get ATS to type in the user credentials. however when using the key entry option it does not type in the box and the test fails.  Looking at the recording it opens the office 365 sign in page but does not type in the box (despite the cursor flashing in the box).  I wonder if I need  to focus on it with the Focus WebElement option, but I can’t type anything in the box, it just says no results found.    The ATS recorder does not pick up any typing when logging in Does anyone have any thoughts?    
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The step I was missing was Find/Assert Element. I chose to use the XPath option and used a Chrome addon called “Xpath Helper”. 

Using this you can find out the xpath for the element you need to 


Then this is stored as a variable for which you can reference in future actions, in my case typing an email address



I am not familiar with ATS, but this sounds like you are testing an external part. It sounds not very strange if ATS is unable to fill input fields outside the scope.

A possible solution would be to mock the services. In that case you use a ‘fake SSO’ which can act locally.