Is exporting self-referenced entities supported?

I’m trying to export a self-referenced entity’s self-reference association. It’s one-to-many. I’m using a JSON structure like this: “AssociatedTables” : [{“TableName”: “ABC”,”AssociatedTables”:[{“Name”:”ABC”}]}] But the export mapping resulted in: “AssociatedTables” : [{“TableName”: “ABC”,”AssociatedTables”:[]}] I also tried using a message definition. I selected three levels deep (but could go infinitely down). In the export mapping it did not provide any valid associations for the relationship. It would be very valuable to get N number of levels deep. It will be rare for this association to go very deep anyway and I can let users know the impact if they descend too far. But it seems from this that I can’t export any self-referenced associations. Has anyone found solutions to this? Thanks in advance. Note version is 8.18.7 but that was not available as an option to select.
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