Why does my views microflow run when i leave the page?

Hi there! I have a microflow on my page that i do onload. IT will trigger an SMS send when it loads. But when i leave the page by pressing my cancel button (calls a microflow to route back to the home page after clearing the transient objects), it will call my microflow that is on the page once more, and it willl triger another sms. my cancel button does this: But if i entered a correct OTP and move on ​​​​​​to the next page by clicking “verify”, it doesnt revisit the microflow and it doesn’t send another sms.  
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Hi Raphael,

I think the rollback with refresh is affecting the parent Dataview on your page, which will trigger any auto microflow under it. try to remove the refresh and check it.





Alternatively, You could have a button, which user clicks to request sms, rather than sending sms on page load.