Data not loading

Dear reader, Our client got a problem with loading data when filtering on the date. The page uses an entity as a page parameter, which has associations, and that provides the page data. The page loads (for example) the data for 20/07 but,  but when filtering the data on 19/07, it doesn't load anything. The page gets blocked. The application is used on multiple client`s locations and the same app works fine on other locations. Only one location got this issue.  This is a live application and has been working fine previously. I searched in the logs file and I came across this message: “WARNING - DataStorage_QueryHandling: Executing query with old implementation due to detected difference” Any idea is appreciated.   Regards
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If your page blocks, possibly there are too much non-persistent objects in your client memory. Also, if the garbage collector is cleaning up it can fail during navigating if the (associated) structure is large and complex. Also, if you specify your deletion behavior in your domain model, it can also take time to clean up a structure (delete A if associated B will be deleted, etc.).