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Hi,   I am trying to create a chat app for my native mobile app by using this tutorial:, but I am having some difficulties. My problem is:   I have 2 users, userA and UserB, and both of them are trying to send messages to one another. userA sends a message to UserB. UserB however, is not able to receive the message unless he signs out and sign in again. Here’s the screenshot:    I have tried messing around with the securities but it didnt work. My plan for this chat app is such that everyone, ( users and admin) are able to send messages to one another to make my app more interactive. In the video, it only allows users ( not admin) to send messages.    Furthermore, when userA creates a group chat, UserB is not even inside the group chat at all and I am not sure why. If anyone could guide me on these, I would really appreciate it. I am using Mendix 8. 
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For some references:



For the entities for NativeMobile module, I have set the rights to be exactly the same as the one in the video, but it still does not work. I have to refresh the chat in order to read the latest messages.