Wanting to develop for myself

I like Mendix and have been developing apps for a couple of years for my company.  I would like to develop apps just for myself, but I need that work to be separate.  How can I go about having separate workspaces for work and personal?
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Alternatively to Ronald, you can basically do the opposite. Create a (private) account, migrate your current achievements and data with the Mendix migration feature to the new account and request invites to the applications you currently develop on the new account. Then this 'personal' account includes all private projects, as well as the invited applications. So instead of a work account with private projects, you have a private account with work projects.

But company administrators often don't like 'external' accounts associated to their applications (due to management capabilities) and thus might refuse this option. Then you are left to yourself to simply follow what Ronald writes here.


You could create an extra account and do all your own development there. On the other hand if you create a project and give none of your coworkers access to it you have almost the same result and the advantage that all your points are in one account.