Need help on Chart

Hi, I am using column chart and I have data for some dates of months , my requirement is I want to display chart such that it should display data via datewise where as it is displayig data via monthly please refer image below. I want filter on right side where I can select months so that it will display data of that month with datewise.  Chart should display number of count on Bar so that is easy and readable how many count for that day.   Can you please help here
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Hi Vijay Sharma,

Very first you need to drag data view widget on page that should not view any detail, and need to pass the entity in which you have created the attribute you want show on chart.

Then you need to place an column chart widget inside the data view.

Open the properties of column chart, create new series  provide entity in data source tab. In data points tab Set the date attribute  for x-axis and set the month attribute for Y-axis. And set count for x-axis sort attribute. In this way you can display your chart the way you want.

Thank you.