Custom Button has bug :can be saved when there has validation error

1.When the Badge Button(download from App store)  is pressed, it can be saved when there has validation error. 2.PluggableWidget Button is the same as Badge Button. 3.The Mendix Studio Pro’s button has no problem.   How can I get the validation error before save?   Mendix Studio Pro’s button:   Badge Button:   Badge Button Setting1:   Badge Button Setting2:
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I am not familiar with this widget.

In the documentation I read this: Attach an on-click microflow or nanoflow and Behavior is configured on the Events tab. Can you share your config for the button?

But, simply, if you do a save action if you click the custom button, the save action will be triggered. 


HI Jian,

The validation shown by you are the field/Widget level validations. They will not stop you from saving/commit. You will need to handle these validations either at the entity level (recommended) or within your microflow.




The expert answers only once, whether the questioner understands it or not.They didn't solve my problem.


Hello Jian,

I am understanding that you’re using the custom widget ‘Badge Button’:
And that for some reason this can bypass regular Mendix button ‘ way of working’. 

I notice you have an offline Application, this could very well be a local copy on your local environment. 
For Offline apps Mendix uses a local storage on the client. Since you are the same when testing from your machine this could be related. Please have a look at the documentation:  

If this is not the case for your regular button then I can only asks questions at this point.

1. Do you have validation set on entity level?
    – Because you could customize the nanoflow with some validation rules yourself (regardless of badge button)

2. Would you need the Badge Button on this specific page, what badge are you trying to show?  It looks like a request form and not for example a notification bell with a list of items below it. You have probably read the documentation already at: 

And last I’ve attempted to do a quick test with Nanoflow and Entity level validations but for me there was no issue. But perhaps I’m missing information (question 1) for a good test case, also I tried on Mx8.18.1. 

I hope you will be able to move forward!