Why does REST module Skip Serialization?

I have a microflow in which I call a webservice and get a valid response back, no error messages. However, when I look at the objects that should be created, they are not created. Upon further investigation, I see the following Log Message in the console: What would cause the REST module to skip serialization? Thanks for any pointers! Mike
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Mike, I read through the code, and found your message coming from this code block:

        if (alreadySeen.contains(id.toLong())) {
        RestServices.LOGUTIL.warn("ID already seen: " + id.toLong() + ", skipping serialization");
        return null;

This is the beginning of the "identifierToJSON" method, which seems to get called when a Reference or Reference Set is serialized. Do you by chance have the same entity associated twice via 2 different references or reference sets?

I'm just guessing, but I think this "alreadySeen" set is there to prevent infinite loops in your JSON, but it seems like perhaps you're seeing an unintended side effect.

Let me know if you think we're on the right track and we can dig deeper.