Username and password cannot be empty

This message “Username and password cannot be empty” appears when I try to create a new object. How do I solve this problem?   Much appreciated 
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Hi Joe,

I think you gave generalization to Administration.Account so there is username and password is required(Or cannot empty) Or gave validation Type ‘Required’, I suggest you remove the generalization of  Administration.Account or change validation Type ‘Required’ to ‘none’.

So it will help you to solve this .


Hi Joe. Since you are seeing this message, it seems like your object is a specialization of System.User or Administration.Account. I tested this out in a local test project and got the same popup message when trying to commit an object that is a specialization of either of these two entities with no username or password set.

If it is vital that your object be one of these specializations, then I suggest adding these fields in your input form to fill out. If it is not necessary for your object to be one of these specializations, then I suggest clearing the “Generalization” field of this object in your Domain Model.