Setup Custom Domain i.c.w. original Mendix domain

Hello everyone, I'm probably not asking such a smart question because I'm not a developer, but maybe someone can explain why there are two more URLs accessible. I have created a Custom Domain in my test environment with its own PKI government certificate and it works correctly. However, the old one is also accessible and I don't want that. The new Custom Domain will also be used for authentication via The Identity Hub but that doesn't work (yet) because The Identity Hub goes to the old URL with the wrong certificate. How can this be adjusted?     Thanks in advance Lars
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Hi Lars, 

As far as I know it's not possible to disable the original URL. However, this should not be a problem for your authentication issue.

If the callback from The Identy Hub is going back to your original URL, this means you have a provided your old URL in your callback. Try to change your callback to the new URL and see it that works.