Do we have any other way to pass within in the single quote

      I need to pass ' What’s New & Feedback '   within the single quotes to satisfy the condition . But when i am passing in the single quotes  the single quote before   ' S ,is causing the error . Inorder to satisfy the condition ,do i have any other option in mendix to avoid that e
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Use a single quote to escape the single quote.

$Application/Name='What''s new pussycat?'



Extra update (thanks to Tim van Steenbergen): use an extra single quote to escape.

In your screenshots, you put the full assignment instead of the value only.

Use an extra single quote before (thanks to Tim) the single quote in e.g. a Create Object (with entity Application)  or Change Object (choose variable $Application) activity.

In the activity choose the Name attribute and set the following value:

​'What''s New & FEEDBACK'