Mendix default PDF Library

Hey guys,  I would like to know which default PDF generation library Mendix is using in Mendix 8.18.1~ and where the location is, I’m seeing PDFBox in userlib and it looks like a community commons library, so I’m not sure if that’s the one. I’m looking to locally upgrade and look at some performance/memory improvements.  Of course there is an issue at hand: I’m generating PDF’s with > 50.000 lines of data in A3 landscape over +/- 500 pages. Which caused my Cloud environment to choke a bit (high suspension) and my local environment to completely run out of memory.  I’m also looking into the PDF merge option via CommunityCommons but first I’d like to know the library used for Default Mendix.  Thanks in advance!
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Mendix uses Apache FOP to create pdf’s. When you merge/overlay pdf’s using CommunityCommons then PDFBox is used. Things you could do regarding memory:

- create pdf’s in batches and merge

- reduce PPI in the template properties

- add memory to your environment

Both cpu and memory take a hit when generating/merging pdf’s and it’s quite hard to reduce that. In the end upgrading the environment is the only option, but that also has it’s limits.