Excel Importer does not print Not found messages

We use the Excel Importer Module to import data into Mendix. We import an object with multiple relation, e.g. contract with relation to contract type (which is a separate object, not an enumeration) and contact person. In case the contract is imported with a new contract type in fact I would like to have it fail, but that does not seem to be possible. But at least I would like to know that a new contract type is added to the contract type object and show that directly to the user that is importing.  If I read the documentation it looks possible:  4.4.1 Print Statistics & Not Found Messages These control which kinds of messages are printed on the application console But turning it to true, does not have any effect.  So, I can only retrieve this information if I turn Replication_MetaInfo_AssociatedObjects to Trace in the log settings. Am I missing something?  
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No, unfortunately. We are turning on the logging to trace level if we need to find problems.