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Hi guys,   I have been using Mendix for around 5 months now for a project and my project has just completed not too long ago. While I am not at a very high level of coding yet, I am very curious the possible paths I should take if I were to decide to use Mendix in the future. The community has been very friendly and I am quite fond of Mendix, in terms of the community and the usage of Mendix itself.    I have created a native mobile as well as responsive website using Mendix, and I have gone through the Mendix academy such as “ rapid developer”, “Build a native inspection app”, “importing and exporting data”, “Create a REST API” and  some of “ creating engaging UX” during the project. I have not taken a certificate yet though.    I was also thinking if it is possible to take some freelance job, something similar to fiverr, and use Mendix to create websites or mobile app for people even if I am not at that high level yet, to help polish my skills at the same time as well. I may be thinking way too ahead now but I would like to know some of these questions, and I hope that I did not embarrass myself by asking these questions. I am currently using a free version of Mendix 8.18.3.
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So you want to be a Mendix freelance. Ok. First of all: take the Rapid exam. It is doable after a couple of weeks of Mendix, so it will be no problem for you, and at job interviews it will prevent you having to answer the question why you are not even Rapid developer.

Landing a freelance job requires more than that though. “Advanced certificate and 3+ years of experience” is often a requirement. Investing in the 2 day training “Advanced” will help you. It will also help if you keep your hourly rate at trainee-level, and have good references that are willing to talk to your future work-provider about your past work in a positive way. Think of you being your future work-provider. What skills and experience would you want this Mendix Freelancer to have? Also: make your Mendix profile public and fill your portfolio.

All this can be replaced by you, being very good in selling yourself. Create a network, in this community, but more important at possible future employers, Mendix-partners, and potential end-users.