Problem in creating Microflow for the Project_status

Hi, I am trying to create the microflow for the  project Status. Tried in different methods, but not working. Please give me some idea.
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Hey Raghavendra,

first of all a quick tip:

Try to avoid the usage of underscores within your entity names (Project_Details > ProjectDetails). This because the underscore is used for associations, which over time will become confusing within your application.

You want to retrieve the status and write it into the ProjectDetails.

In order to check if it works, make sure that your user roles have the correct access on the entity within your domain model (domain model > entity > access rules).

Make sure that your role is allowed to at least read all elements and possible write as well.

A great way to check if elements are set correctly, is to debug the flow locally and checking the parameters within your Projects entity (see if the status is available/filled) and if it is correctly written into your ProjectDetails after you’ve passed the action.