How can I convert my autonumber attribute into a string attribute?

The core function of my app is completing forms. I need each form to have a unique ID (or ‘form number’) so that I can create charts on some values collected. To create a unique ID I have used the ‘Autonumber’ attribute with a default value of 1 so that whenever a new form is created the value is n + 1.    However, to create charts with the form ID on the x-axis I need it to be a string  as it cannot display autonumber with the y-axis being an integer from 1-10 which is collected within the forms (there are no issues with the y-axis).    How can I go about this? Is it possible to turn my ‘autonumber’ into a ‘string’ which will then present the values as n, n+1, n+2 … which can be used along my x-axis?     
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Lets say your attribute is called formNumber.

You can add another attribute to your entity called something like formNumberString.  Then have an after create event handler that populates this attribute.  The event handler will have one action that updates the entity and changes the formNumberString attribute with


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