E-Commerce website with Mendix ?

Hai All, can I build a fully working E-Commerce website like I want to build an online shopping website to sell clothes. Tell me if it’s possible and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
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Yes, it is possible. Technically you can build anything you need. But no, for small businesses Mendix is definitely not the best choice. Only very limited payment options, no product-page templates. No shopping basket. No newsletter. No workflows for for instance handling returns. So much that you will have to create yourself. Mendix lacks the out-of-the-box functionality for being a serious webshop platform. Maybe in the years to come, would love to see that happen. And costs: Mendix is about 20.000 euros per years. The Basic license is 600 euro per year, but not an option because as a webshop, your customers need to be able to log in and 5 accounts will not be enough.

Currently, an open source solution like Prestashop will get you started in a couple of hours, low costs. But several others too: BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento.

If you are a big company, and you have a development team available, then yes, you can disclose your collection to potential consumers in a Mendix application and you will benefit from the IDE, the integration capabilities and the development speed. Mendix consultants will probably be happy to be part of such a team.


Prestashop, wordpress etc are the worst and amatour trashy solution

20000€ per year for Mendix?

Ready-to-use platforms are very very limited and poor. I do online stores on Shopify. Poor system.

50€ a month = 600€ a year for 1 app.