access the input parameter without going through the association

Hello guys,  I’m currently building a validation microflow for a table with multiple associations. What I'm trying to do is to show the user a message when he tries to import an object where  the association is not found. Example: Table Rooms:  Room Nr   Floor      1               1      2               2 Table Classes: Class            Room  Math                1 Chemistry       2 Let's say the user tries to add " physics " and assign it the room number 3. my validation microflow would send an error here because room number 3 does not exist in the room table. and what I'm trying to do here is to access the room number parameter to display the following error "Room number 3 does not exist, please add it to the room table".  (The input of the Microflow is a class object) I tried to access the room by doing the following: $CLASS/ModuleName.$CLASS_ROOM/…./ROOM_NR but I get null. PS:The validation will be performed during the import of an Excel file with multiple rows, so the user will not be able to see which row generates the error.  
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