Button send arguments to Nanoflow

  Hi ,  How could I use the Button to send argument to Nanoflow?  for example:  Button1 sends a string “1” ; Button2 sends a string “2”; Button3 sends a string “3”  Thank you!
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If you set the nanoflow button in a context (e.g. dataview), you have the entity of your dataview as argument in your nanoflow.

Something like this:

  • Create a non-persistent entity in your domainmodel with an attribute to hold the value
  • Create a nanoflow which creates an object with the type of the created entity. And set the value to the value you want. Return the created object 
  • In the dataview set as datasource your created nanoflow
  • If the button is in the dataview, the context object is available as argument 


Repeat steps above for each button if you want for each button a separate object.


Unfortunately, you can't at the moment.

Please help implementing this by voting on https://forum.mendix.com/link/ideas/1243 and https://forum.mendix.com/link/ideas/1170