Actions in master page trigger validation in sub page

I have a password reset form: If I try and reset the password without entering anything I get a validation error because the field is marked as required in the validation properties:   If I now try and click the logo to go back to the homepage I cannot execute the microflow because there are validation errors. The sign in link works because the microflow settings are set to not abort on validation errors:   HOWEVER the microflow behind the logo does not take a parameter apparently, despite the microflows behind them being the same as far as I can tell. What should I be looking for to stop the microflow behind my logo from triggering the validation on a sub form?
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This is front-end validation which will be triggered after leaving the field, right? Is this a custom password reset? Then you can trigger the validation in a microflow after clicking the button.


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by doing the validation into the microflow instead of doing it in the properties 

this doc: tell you what is the best practice for validation 

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If I may suggest – it would be possible to add a second button with the same description, but slightly opaque; The button has no attached action. Make sure you show that button (conditional visibility) only when the field is empty. Otherwise, show the button you already have there. 

Here is an example: 

In the settings for this button, you see the Continue button that is highlit: it is only shown when the form is properly filled.

Here you see the slightly opaque button (disabled style); it does nothing, and is shown when the field is empty.


This is what both buttons would look like side by side, but you only ever see the one or the other in the actual application:


And yes, the working continue button has a validation sub as its first activity.

In any case, this pattern allows you to disregard field validation – you can only click the button when the field is filled. You could extend this in any way you like. In this application, we have chosen to do the content validation of the fields within a microflow, because we can reuse that microflow in other contexts. 


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