Scheduling by MxAppFactory shows no events at all

Tempted by great looks I tried to use marketplace app “Scheduling by MxAppFactory”. I got it to retrieve the events, but none of them show up in the scheduler-widget. What I did so far: in Studio Pro 9.5.0 clicked icon Marketplace and download the module Connected event, resource and group to event, resource and group  of my own application Set the projectroles Admin and User of my app to admin and user of the module “Scheduling by MxAppFactory” Made sure they also had read rights for the associations (admin also write rights). Ran the app and added group, added some resources and added events. After having tried a couple of things I also added a datagrid showing the same events, just to see if they got retrieved: The browser’s inspector shows no dom-elements at all on the line of res1. Also: I tried to add the styling they mentioned in the readMe_DateSelector. Made no difference. using Atlas_Core 3, but I don’t expect this to be a styling issue.   What am I missing? *Editted* First improvement: applied bugfix to Action_NewEvent as Bela suggested. Second improvement: added to entity Event the flow BCo_Event_CopyIdValues: Now I have it up and running in 8.18, see Last challenge: In Mx9, Atlas3, I still need it to add the correct styling. The events are in the grid, but not showing: In this picture above, i added a datagrid showing the correctly retrieved events, including EventID and ResourceID having the correct value. On the line ‘ComputerSience’ it now does contain the event content, it just does not show it yet. I also upgraded timeline to Mx9, no difference.   *Editted again: almost there :-) i found that changing the classname ‘event-container’ makes the events show up: That class is created by the widget, so i have no control over it. How can i resolve this? ***Editted again: Yes! Got it. The positioning of the event-container is relative where it should have been absolute. Since this is nice css I nuked the widget’s styling by overriding it with my own wisdom: .scheduler-view .event-container{ position: absolute; } Thanks all!
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I was also struggling to see the Events Created by the Administrator, so I tried creating my Own Events with the User.

There the ACTION_NewEvent had a Bug. The Resource Found Expression should be: $Resource != empty (currently it was: $Resource = empty)

After fixing this I was able to Create new Events with the User and also see them on the SchedulingWidget.

The SUB_GetEventsForPeriodAndGroup returns the right list of events but afterwards they somehow get lost


Hi Tim

I just want to confirm that you’ve added both the entities to the widget as well as the data source microflows?

You did say you connected the entities in your application, but it was a bit unclear whether you meant you hooked up the microflows or just assigned the entity that will be used as an event. The way the system works is that you first assign the entity (the type of object) that you want to display. You then use the microflows to determine WHICH objects to display out of the database. If you want to display all of them, just have your microflow be a very simple retrieve all.

Secondly, please go and make sure that the user in question has read access to the entities used as the events and resources and that the microflow that retrieves them actually returns the correct list of objects. You can do this by putting a breakpoint inside that microflow and refreshing the page, then seeing what appears in your list of variables.

If you’ve confirmed both of those, then the events and resources should be appearing on the scheduling widget and if not, then I’m missing something as well.


We will have a look at it. Thanks for reporting this!