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Hi all,   I am building an app which lets users add meetings and add them to the outlook calendar with microsoft graph rest api. When creating an event with the following times (Picture 1), the  created outlook event is at the same time (Picture 2). However, in the database another time gets saved (Picture 3). The times are localized and the timezone in the rest api requests is my current one. Any ideas why this could happen and how I could fix this?   Picutre 1:   Picture 2:   Picture 3:   Thanks
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Hi Lenny,

The times are always stored in UTC  in the database. They are displayed in Mendix Apps as per the server timezone settings. Even in Outlook, its displayed as per User timezone settings.

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Hi Lenny,

To add to Shekhar’s answer, take a look at how the date attribute is instantiated in the domain model:

To display the date in the User’s localized timezone, the date must be set to Localized > Yes.

For more information regarding this, check out the docs here: