Data grid view

If I click on data grid one entry for example click on opportunity row it should display in next page  data grid page:   next page should division quote page should appear and same value for particular selected row should appear in division quote page.
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Hi Srijan,

Right click next to the delete button and add a new action button in that you can call the page what ever you want.


Hi, Based on what I understood from your question:

- If you really want to use datagrid, then you must have a default button

- The default button is triggered when you double click the row (this is default)

- This default button can be made to trigger a microflow, pass on the object selected and fill in the object value or set reference on the second object which will be shown in Divison quote page

If you want to change the default double click behaviour

- in the data grid properties, change the default button trigger to single click, then you might be able to achieve the same

- if you want this to work only when you click the opportunity name column, then you must do the same with template grid or list view (in non-editable mode)

Beyond all the suggestions above, kindly go through the Mendix Rapid course completely.