Filter the data without using search field

Hello everyone, we have a data grid which includes the search fields and when we select the particular search attribute and hit the search button then the data will be displayed. Is there any possibility that we can filter the data using the dropdowns and not using the search button. For example, if I select one manager in the dropdown list it should automatically popup his data without hitting the search button. Can anyone please guide me on this. Thanks in advance, Apurupa  
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Hi Anuprupa,

As Nirmalkumar mention you have to create custom filter,

for that create one entity for filter fields and associate the dropdown value into that, using this object you retrieve values for data grid.


Iam not sure if there are any new widgets in app store to supplement this behavior.

But you can custom build this by disabling search in datagrid and custom building the search as you need.

You can also style it to look like the same. I have done this in my project few times and works well.

But there are lot of things you may have to handle while building this custom.

As said above, not sure, if there are better widgets available at this moment.