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what widget to use so that it appears in list and when we click on the row of that list another page should open related to selected list.
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Hi Srijan,

This functionality is easily built by default  pages. Just right click on your entity and say, generate overview pages, Mendix will automatically build do pages for each entity: a) Overview Page b) New/Edit Page   The overview page will have the list(which uses list view) and the New/Edit page will have a single record to edit (this uses dataview)




Hi Srijan,

When you retrieve a list of entities, you can assign them to a List View widget. A List View has On Item Click behavior that you can use to attach a Microflow, Nanoflow or Page to.

Also the datagrid can be used:

And then in your datagrid, you can add a button in your bar and assign logic to it. Make it a default button and with double click (or single click, as you wish) can automatically trigger the behavior you’ve put behind the button:

Hope this helps.

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