Other login proces when user already has logged in on the device.

Hi All, We created a two factor log in with google credentials. We used the following module to achieve the log in proces: https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/116892 It would be nice to have a way so that a user doesn’t have to use the two factor all the time but only when the user uses a different device or when a certain amount of time has passed. So the use case is like this: User log in with two factor. user logs out. user logs in the next day on the same device but doesn’t have to use the two factor. user logs out. user logs in on a other device and has to use the two factor again.   The module uses a after sign in microflow, so in theory we can create logic that can determine if the two factor is needed. So the question is: Is there a way to see the device which is used to log in? So we can store that device on a list for device's which doesn’t need two factor for that account. Or does someone now an other way to achieve this. (Device is in this case a uniquecode for the laptop, desktop, mobile the user use)
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