SSO Discovery is triggered when using a deeplink

Hi all,   I’m working on Deeplinks and I keep getting the wrong login page when the user uses the link.   - I’ve added the ASU from the DL module; - Ive created the deeplink configuration and the microflow to trigger; - I’ve already changed the LoginLocation to ‘/sso/login?f=true&cont=’ - The link is nicely created and show like ‘http://localhost:8080/link/cu’ (for now only a page but in the future some arguments are going to be added so thats why the deeplink);   The page I get is the discovery with the different configured IDP alias instead of the authentication page I added in the navigation of the project.   Hope you can help!    Thanks!   Jeremie  
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As you get to the SSO discovery page, it seems like you have multiple IdPs for SSO.

You can specify the IdP alias in the LoginLocation. So try to change the value for the LoginLocation constant to something like: