Date Time In Oracle DB will not set to USCT

Hello, I’ve tried repeatedly to get the time stamp to match to USCT with no avail. I’ve gone to the settings menu and switched the GMT to -6 to align the time zone. Whenever I make changes to the front end date field it still saves in the database with the wrong time information.  This applies to 2 attributes in the same table in different manners. 1)The attribute I created in the entity with the date time value saves the initial time it is created . When I go back in and edit the date time it updates the date in the table but maintains the same time of creation. 2)This attribute is the “change’date” that is standard with the entity. I change something in the row related to an obect in the DB, smae table mind you, and the value is not saving to the correct time zone.   I appreciate the help. Hoping this is something very minor I overlooked.   Best Regards, Chris
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