deeplink fails to execute after SAML Login

0 I am having similar issues to the above. I have Deeplink and SSO configured. my deeplink is something like this The deeplink correctly serves the login page but after logging in the deeplink microflow never gets executed. These are the errors I am seeing in the logs. DeepLink: No session found for deeplink: /link/SFDC, attempting to serve link as guest. 11:39:16 PMAPPERRORSAML_SSO: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Ids should not be null
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Did you do this part of the documentation:

When the app is using SAML for SSO and the end-user should be redirected to the deep link again, use either or /SSO/login?f=true&cont= — note that this construction does not work for other SSO modules, such as XSUAA