Revert/Not Commit Changes

I was playing around with themes. I thought I was in the old :test app” where I play around but in fact I was in my actual working app. I imported the Atlas UI 2 Reference/Custom Styling App from the marketplace > I chose replace existing module because I thought that’s what would preserve my work but in fact it didn’t.      There are 264 changes listed that I don’t want to commit. Do you know how to not have these changes committed and saved? Basically I want to go back to the version of the app from before I changed to this theme. Unfortunately,  I have not created “branches” which is what I think I actually need to be able to revert back?
2 answers

The most simple one: option Revert all changes in the Version Control menu.


You can always just delete the entire project from your system, and then download it fresh from the teamserver again. That will get rid of your changes locally and give you whatever version you've committed last.

Another option might possibly be to go to the ‘changes’ panel, select the deleted module and revert it. Then delete the one you've just imported.