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Hi,   I am aware that for people who have not paid Mendix license, the app they have created will have a sleep mode. I have not buy a license yet, however I noticed that one of my project do not have a sleep mode all of a sudden ( I may be wrong but it does not prompt the “warning” that it is turning active anymore). I visited my other free apps and they do show the prompt.    Hence, I am very curious why this happened. Does this happen because someone else is using the website and leaving their laptop on 24/7? How do I tell if the app is free? I am the only one using this particular app. In my developer portal it says that it is a free app so I am not sure why this is happening.    I recently attended the Mendix World and I tried to give my referrals to my friends, not sure if I won the free Mendix license but I highly doubt it. I didnt receive any email that I won it. 
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Your Mendix Free App goes into Sleep Mode after an hour or so of inactivity and automatically resumes when a user accesses it. All your data is retained while the app is in Sleep Mode.

Perhaps you have accessed your app within that hour?


To make sure what kind of license your app is using: go to You see something like this for a free app:

When your app has become a licensed app, like this:


Now, for finding out why your app has not gone to sleep: do you have any published rest-services that someone calls?