Creating HTML for Email

I want to create a html email that contains data for purchasing. I have everything working except I would like to creat something a little fancier than what the email templates allow. Two Questions What app should I use to creat the html? how do I incorporate this into the email?   thanks  
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Hello Martin!


The below mentioned steps should help when we are creating dynamic HTML content.


  1. Create a String Variable in the microflow and built your custom dynamic HTML content as a string with all required HTML tags. Once done, store this value into one of the attributes of an Object which will be passed as a PlaceHolder value in your Email Template

  1. Run your Application and on the Client, when creating a new Email Template, create required placeholders and call them in your HTML body of the Email Template. This will replace the placeholder value with the HTML string that you created in Step 1.

I tried to generate a template document using Document Template element from Mendix, then in the same microflow I used StringFromFile java action from CommunityCommons and then added that string into the email template and it worked. Hope this helps!


Hi Martin,

You can add HTML by 2 ways.

First, you can create a string attribute and store the HTML code in attribute and you can call that attribute in the email template as Praharaj mentioned.

Second, You can create a HTML Template in any IDE. And replace dynamic values with the Placeholders. Paste your HTML code in the HTML Tab in the email template configuration.


Then go to the Plain Text Tab. There you will find one button called ‘Copy from HTML Text’, click on that. It will give you the HTML text in the plain text format. The check the “Use the plain text body”. It will give plain text in your email.


In this way you can create HTML or custom email template for Emails.


If you need any help let me know.


Thank you