Problem on Creating new Users

I want to create a new user inside my app while I’m logged with another account, as a manager user should create new accounts for his employees to operate in his application. The problem is that I couldn’t find ther register page anywere, and sadly I don’t know much about widgets and how to make them work on my app. Any help?    
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Hi Ney Bermudes,

If you are having a managing role as (admin), then you can create a user from the account overview page which is under the Administration> User management >Admin >Account overview page => Here you can create a user and login with that user credential.

If you are don’t have an account then you need to create a registration page. 
Note: In the Domain model you need an association(1-1) from your entity to account entity .

In the Save button, you need to call a microflow to map the user with an account.