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Hello,   In our current project we would like to have some "Maintenance banner” visible through the app. Admin user would be able to enable/disable this maintenance banner from the Settings page.  I have added that banner inside the Header snippet which is then added to our Custom app layout and once users open the app they can see the banner if it’s enabled. When you log in the app as Admin/ enable the banner and then change the user everything works as expected. The problem is if there is already user logged in the app and then Admin enables the banner it’s not updated. Even when user navigates between the pages inside the app the banner is hidden. It only is visible when: - User manually refreshes the URL - User logs out and logs back in   I’m guessing that it might be due to the fact that layout is loaded once and it’s not reloaded on each page navigation.  Could someone suggest if there are any other way how to get such functionality working?
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Hi Karlis,

I am not sure if this will solve the problem:

But in your ‘ACT_Get_AppSettings’ Microflow, when you retrieve the AppSettings can you try to add an “Change Object(s)” activity and change the AppSettings Object (without really changing the attributes) and just tick the box “Refresh on client”?

EDIT: And if it doesn’t work, could you post the content of your ‘ACT_GET_AppSettings’ Microflow?

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Does anyone know – maybe there is some widget available for sunch similar scenario?

I know that if I were to add the Snippet call to every page of the app it would work just fine but I don’t think that’s the correct approach.


This is included in module SystemManagement.

You can copy-paste the code or better, import that module into your application.