Special characters are not getting printed.

Hi, I am reading data from JSON file and assigning it to an attribute of a non-persistent entity and saving the complete object list in session. JSON structure → [ { Name:”xyz”, Address:”Wolfgang-Pauli-Straße 2, A-4020 Linz, Austria”} , { Name:”abc”, Address:”Wolfgang-Pauli-Straße 2, A-4020 Linz, Austria”} ] And encoding for JSON file is UTF-8 Only the issue is when I am printing the address attribute on UI so it is not able to print the special characters you can refer to below image. Is there any solution for this issue?  
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Are you 100% sure the JSON file is encoded in UTF-8?

When I copy your example to a JSON file and import using an Import Mapping into a Mendix app it renders correctly.


I would suggest loading the file into an editor such as VS Code, and checking if the encoding is really UTF-8.

Hope this helps.