Mendix Upgrade

I have question related to upgrade : When we implement Mendix upgrade using separate branch ( created from mainline), do we have to upgrade Mendix version for even mainline branch . It is redundant double effort : first on branch and then while merging on the mainline branch . Is it possible to avoid this duplicate effort ?  One can upgrade mainline directly but it is risky to upgrade mainline directly. Any thoughts?
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The upgrade itself is hardly the effort. Normal steps:

  • Create a branch and do the upgrade,
  • Do the regression test and fix what is broken. Meanwhile developers go on working in the mainline
  • Upgrade mainline (this usually takes little time, because you have done this before)
  • Import branch into mainline, solving conflicts with work done in the meantime.

Directly upgrading the mainline is also possible, but you might run into unsolvable problems. For that you do need to have a rollback plan, which is as simple as restore the last database and latest commit before the upgrade. If meanwhile developers have continued working in the upgraded mainline, their work is lost. Hence the branch.

You only upgrade production as last step.