Select a week in a date picker

Hi everyone, I was wondering whether it was possible to select a week in a datepicker, where for example the whole week (always from Monday to Sunday) gets highlighted when hovering your mouse over a certain date in the date picker. Currently I only manage for people to manually write a week number, but I am positive people are not aware of what week number belongs to which dates in a year without looking it up. Alternatives are also welcome!
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I haven't worked with this widget yet, but it seems to be able to do what you want it to: the Bootstrap datepicker


Since you can enter two dates to create a range, it should be possible to auto-set the end date so that one week is selected.


Hi Maeve Beekman,

You can select week by setting the properties of DateandTime datatype. We have the option to select the date the way we want to display it. 

Select the date attribute from the entity and go to the properties of that date datatype select custom date format then select edit next to custom date format.

Search for week of the year, In this way, you can show the week of the year.

Hope this will help you.