Change entity attributes in a loop based on iterator value

Hi Everyone, I have an entitiy that has lots of attirbutes in it.  I am retreiving data to go in those attributes via a rest call, and I would like to populate those attributes in a loop. For example:  EntityA has 4 attributes A1, A2, A3, and A4 I am getting values I want to use for these attributes as a JSON.  I can populate a list which I then want to loop through, and assign the Value to the corresponding Atribute name, using the CommonName in the JSON as a way of matching them. {     "Code": "4",     "DataItems": [         {             "DataItemId": 2622,             "CommonName": A1,             "Value": false,             "DataType": "string"         }, {             "DataItemId": 2623,             "CommonName": A2,             "Value": true,             "DataType": "string"         } ]   Is this possible in a loop?  I’ve read something about using MxModel Reflection Object Members to get the attributes, which I have done, but now I don’t know how to change the value of that attribute.  I’m wondering if I need to use Java.   This would save me from having to find and match 35 different ‘DataItems’ and then manualy assign them to the attributes.   Hope that makes sense! Cheer
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Hi Ben,

In your Import mapping, you should useL

  1. Find an object by key
  2. Use Common Name as the key  (select the  key checkbox)


Shown below is a mapping as a reference